IV Therapy

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IV Therapy

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If you’d like to boost your nutrition at the cellular level, IV therapy is a wonderful wellness treatment to consider. IV therapy is one of many options available from Kimberly Johnston and the team at The Total You Medical Spa in Houston locations on Business Center Drive, Bellaire, and at The Blossom Hotel. Call or click today to schedule a visit.

How does IV therapy work?

Intravenous (IV) therapy, also called IV nutrition therapy, is a method of delivering hydration and nutrients directly into your bloodstream. It’s used in hospital and emergency treatment settings to quickly administer medications and to improve hydration. 

In wellness settings, IV therapy is an outstanding way to boost nutrition at the cellular level. Because the nutrient blends don’t have to navigate your digestive tract, you and your practitioner know exactly what you’re getting, and in what volume. 

The process begins by accessing a vein on your wrist or hand. The customized IV solution moves through thin medical tubing to enter your bloodstream, one drip at a time.  

What kinds of benefits come with IV therapy?

IV therapy can deliver a wide range of benefits. The process is highly customized and begins with a discussion about your treatment needs and goals. This allows your practitioner to determine the proper nutrient blend that is right for you. 

Some of the benefits available through IV therapy include:

  • Hangover recovery
  • Immune boost
  • Fatigue fighter
  • Workout recovery
  • Skin health
  • Vitamin boost
  • Headache relief

These are just some of the benefits you can achieve through IV nutrition therapy. An immediate hydration boost is also an essential benefit, especially given the fact that most Americans move through each day in a state of mild dehydration.  

Is IV therapy painful?

All this talk of needles and blood may lead you to believe that IV therapy is a painful process. In reality, having IV therapy is simple and straightforward, and is not at all uncomfortable. 

In the hands of a skilled practitioner, placing an IV is fast and easy. You may feel a tiny pinch as the needle enters your skin, but it takes just seconds to place the tubing and secure it with a small piece of surgical tape.

Once the solution begins entering your bloodstream, you might begin to feel the effects immediately. IV therapy restores optimal hydration, giving your cells exactly what they need to thrive.

You can relax, read, or listen to music during your visits, and your session only takes about an hour. There is no need for advance preparation or recovery time after IV therapy, so you can get right back into the swing of your normal routines. 

When you’re ready to learn more about this wonderful integrative health option, call the office to book a visit, or schedule online in just a matter of moments.